Mongar Higher Secondary School

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Message from The Principal

Mr. Kinga Rinchen

Mongar Higher Secondary School has been educating for over 59 years. It has been delivering quality services and has produced Lyonpos, Secretaries, Directors and other officials.

The School envisions every individual graduates to be the faithful servant of “Tsa Wa Sum” by enabling them to have wholesome development. Except for the old infrastructure and scarcity of water supply, the culture of the school is favorable for all the students to fulfill their goals.

The team of hard working teachers and support staff makes it ever more easier to take up the challenges of being one of the autonomous schools in the kingdom.

AMA (Alumni for Mongar Association) has been strong partner in the pursuit of our goal, besides Dzongkhag Administration, Mongar and other stakeholder.

We remain committed to delivering quality services to our children but would strongly seek the support from different agencies: department and non departmental organization and community. Let us all celebrate the pride and success of MONGAR HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL by being part of it in nation building process. 

Mongar Higher Secondary School established in the year 1959

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This web is under construction. Only active and updated page is the link to the examination results.


2018 Annual Examination Result:

If you are using mobile then you need to download ms-access on your phone to view the result.

When the file opens, open the Query, "View Result" and then you will be asked to enter your index number and then your date of birth to view the result. The date of birth has to be of the format-day/month/year(dd/mm/yyyy)

For further details and inquiries call your class Teacher Or Call in these numbers, 17660582-Tshewang Norbu Or 17907058-Yonten Jamtsho-Examination Secretary. you can collect your result from the office during office hours.



Fax: 04-641115